Channel Partner:

If you are looking for a business partner, we welcome some of the various models. In our B2B partnership, we give complete freedom to select any services from our company and channelize it ahead.

In B2B partnership, you will lead project as a single point of contact. You can represent our team in your branding and also when selling our services you can add your mark up to the service estimates we share.

Once you sign up with us, we will be providing full-fledged assistance and help. You'll get a business manager who will guide you through each development step.


Sales commission model:

You will work with us as a member under the sales commission model. Your role is to sell our services as a sales manager, for each project we get through your efforts you will receive percentage commission.

In our affiliate model you will not represent our projects on behalf of our development team; rather, you will lead project as a sales manager.

Referral bonus:

We have a referral program for partners who want to earn money on each successful project they referred. We would be rewarding your commitment towards our brand in a single monetary transaction. Our clients and customers can also be a part of our referral policy by helping us get more projects using their references.