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          Changsha Sapu New Materials Co.,Ltd.,relying on the innovation team of Changjiang Scholars from the Ministry of Education,has strong technical research and development capabilities,and its leading products have independent intellectual property rights,mainly including:high-performance diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels developed for superhard materials;Diamond wheel discs for grinding and polishing hard and brittle materials(zirconia,sapphire);Powder metallurgy high speed steel products.

          The high-performance diamond grinding wheel and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel of SAPP New Materials have the advantages of high sharpness,high shape retention,easy repair and long service life.They are especially suitable for machining large-sized cemented carbide and powder metallurgy high-speed steel rotary tools with a diameter of more than 10mm,and for machining Ti(C,N)cermet tools,PCD blades,PCBN blades and other difficult to machine materials.They are very suitable for replacing imported grinding wheels.

          We have always focused on the research of grinding principle and application technology of superhard materials,accumulated rich product manufacturing experience and formula database,designed scientific products according to different customer requirements and equipment conditions,and continued to innovate to expand the use of grinding wheels.In March 2015,our grinding wheel successfully developed a new field of high-speed,high finish and high-precision grinding and polishing of zirconia and sapphire wafers.Through the joint efforts of Sapp people,our products have established a good brand reputation in the high-end market,and have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 200 enterprises at home and abroad.

          Powder metallurgy high speed steel eliminates the problem of composition segregation and coarse structure of traditional cast forged high speed steel.It has uniform,fine and isotropic structure,so it has high strength,toughness and wear resistance,as well as excellent machining and heat treatment properties.It is the top grade of high speed steel.

          SAP series of powder metallurgy high-speed steel products developed by SAP New Materials adopt a new powder metallurgy process.With high-quality powder as raw material,the products are alloyed and fully densified through near net shape pressing,activated sintering and reaction diffusion with controllable composition gradient.Only a small amount of machining is required to obtain tooling products that meet the requirements of various shapes and sizes.

          Sharp Ru sharp weapon,sharp blade,with my round crown,to achieve imperial business.

          Sapp people look forward to holding hands with our manufacturing industry friends sincerely to realize our dream of becoming a manufacturing power.

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