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        SAPP New Materials debuted at the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Machinery Manufacturing Indust

          On March 28,2014,Chairman and Sales Manager Li Lixin and Li Zi of Changsha Sapu New Materials Co.,Ltd.attended the exhibition together with the company's main products,high-performance diamond grinding wheel and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel.

          SAPP New Materials has an excellent R&D team led by the leading figures in the field of superhard materials in China,and has a number of independent intellectual property rights to develop and produce world-class metal ceramic based diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels.After extensive market application,it can completely replace similar imported grinding wheels!The key is that the strong strength of the R&D team can timely provide the enterprise with a complete set of technical solutions to the grinding and polishing of cemented carbide and high-speed steel cutting tools.

          The exhibition site was crowded with people.Many new and old customers came to our booth to visit and consult.The new cermet bonded grinding wheel launched by SAP was widely concerned by many cemented carbide processing enterprises because of its characteristics of independent blade production,high retention and easy dressing.

          From 3:30 to 4:30 on the afternoon of the 28th,Professor He Yuehui held a lecture on New Systems of High Performance Ti(C,N)Funded Ceramic Materials and Diamond Grinding Wheels for Grinding in the second conference room of the exhibition.The meeting was full,and the content was unique and professional,which won applause several times.Some people still did not enjoy themselves after the lecture,and then asked Professor He for advice alone.After a four-day exhibition,the company's products won the attention and praise of customers,achieved the expected purpose,and achieved complete success!

          Sapp people look forward to holding hands with our manufacturing industry friends sincerely to realize our dream of becoming a manufacturing power!

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