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        The company organizes employees to carry out spring outings

          Colorful May,when the spring breeze is warm and the sun is shining,is a good time for people to go out and play.In order to breathe the breath of spring,enjoy the care of nature,and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company,the company organized all employees to go out for an outing on May 23,which was a large-scale outdoor outing organized by our SAP company.

          At 9:00 a.m.,the sun is bright and the willows are spreading.Facing the early morning sun.With the warm spring breeze,several cars loaded with employees set out from the company gate and went straight to the destination of Taohua Dongjiachong.Taohua Xiangchuan Agritainment is a agritainment integrating catering,entertainment and leisure.Here,the environment is beautiful,the air is clear,the mountains are green and the water is green,and the flowers are released unexpectedly,which is better than a fairyland on earth and a paradise on earth.

          After a short rest,the employees of the company held a group karaoke activity,and the employees of all departments actively performed songs.The whole atmosphere was relaxed and happy.The young handsome men and women in the sales department also spontaneously organized a small basketball game,and their vigorous figures were full of youth under the scorching sun.

          At noon,everyone gathered for lunch.In the delicious food,colleagues exchange cups and drinks to exchange feelings,which makes them happy,just like a big family.

          In the afternoon,the employees of the company carried out free activities one after another.Fishing,chess,billiards,flower watching,mountain climbing,etc.In spite of the hot weather,we still visit various scenic spots in the farmhouse together for leisure and entertainment.Enjoy nature

          Through this spring outing.We are not only close to the nature farmhouse,but also relax.It relieves the pressure brought by work and life.At the same time,it provides a platform for communication.Give all departments the opportunity to actively communicate.Lay a good foundation for future coordination and cooperation.I believe that in the future,employees will devote themselves to their posts with more enthusiasm and contribute their own strength to the vigorous development of the company.Let's be proud to be a member of SAPP New Materials.

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