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        The company has made new breakthroughs in the use of grinding wheels

          Changsha Sap New Materials Co.,Ltd.,as a supplier and service provider of technical solutions for high-speed and high-quality grinding systems,has fully independent intellectual property rights and is a professional high-tech enterprise that provides integrated solutions for grinding and polishing technology of cemented carbide,high-speed steel rotary bodies,cutting tools and other products.The company has strong technical force,strong product development ability,skilled technology and high level of craft products.

          At present,an enterprise in Shanghai is using the diamond grinding wheel produced by our company to mass produce a three edge taper milling cutter with a diameter of 28mm and a blade length of 50mm.The maximum single side cutting depth of the milling cutter produced has reached 5.5mm,and the average feed speed of the grinding wheel has increased by more than 30%compared with that of a Korean brand grinding wheel.

          Changsha Sapp New Materials Co.,Ltd.has independently developed special adhesives for superhard material grinding wheels.In combination with the preparation technology,the diamond grinding wheels produced have the following obvious advantages in structure and performance:

          1.The working layer of the grinding wheel has high chip capacity and chip removal performance and high whirling strength at the same time;

          2.The grinding wheel has high cutting edge and shape retention at the same time;

          3.The grinding wheel matrix has the characteristics of light weight,high thermal conductivity and environmental corrosion resistance;

          4.The working layer of the grinding wheel and the substrate achieve full metallurgical combination,with high interface stability;

          5.The physical,chemical and mechanical properties of the whole grinding wheel are highly matched.

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