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          Carbide cutters are known as the teeth of modern industry,while diamond grinding wheels are the hands of God for filing and repairing these sharp teeth.For a long time,this all-purpose hand has been controlled by western industrial developed countries.Through unremitting research and development,the smart Sapp people have now walked out of an innovative road,built the core preparation technology of high-performance diamond grinding wheels with independent intellectual property rights,and realized the strong notching of carbide rotators,the grinding and polishing of complex carbide cutter surfaces,and the localization of diamond grinding wheels formed by grinding new high-performance metal ceramic blades.

          At the same time,we have developed a complete set of technologies for the preparation of high-performance cubic boron nitride sand wheels and the powerful grooving of high-speed steel rotary bodies.

          Sharp Ru sharp weapon,sharp blade,with my round crown,to achieve imperial business.

          Sapp people look forward to holding hands with our manufacturing industry friends sincerely to realize our dream of becoming a manufacturing power.

        Chairman of Changsha Sap New Materials Co., Ltd.:

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