Dedicated Hiring:

The dedicated hiring model is perhaps the most appropriate commitment for long haul project. At the point when you have a tailor-made web or application advancement project that could go on for over 90 days, it is enthusiastically prescribed to enlist engineers with this model.


  • Flexibility
  • Greater focus on business
  • Cost-effective
  • Access to Variety of Skills
  • Transparency
  • Quick turn around time

Fixed Cost Model:

Whenever you are confident of the development details, you should consider this model. It is exceptionally well-suited for little to medium scale IT programming projects. Here both parties will agree to the fixed expense of development for the technical team allotted for that project.


  • Smooth development
  • Fixed Cost
  • Minimal scope of errors
  • Supervision not required
  • Scalable Results
  • Stable requirements

Time & Material:

Assuming you have a little task that requires minor changes, reinforcement or reestablish crash or recuperation, or on the other hand if you wish to update your product with new elements and functionalities, the hourly cost model, is the ideal arrangement. The cost is proportionate to time and developers expected to finish the task under this model.


  • Pay as you proceed
  • Huge Savings
  • Dynamic Model
  • Financial risk reduced
  • Complete client control
  • Suited for complex projects